I was out shopping with the wife and kids a few months back, when I replaced a friend that had been with me daily for over a year. It took about 30 seconds to make the decision. Sometimes, you must look at your old friend, realize that they are broken, and move on. That’s how Kershaw’s tanto-bladed Freefall ended up in my pocket. Read More


EDC Classics: The Zippo

A little over a year ago, I quit smoking. At this same time, I also quit carrying a lighter. It just seemed the right thing to do since I didn’t need to light a cigarette every 45-60 minutes. But I have, on rather frequent occasion, missed carrying a lighter. My need for nicotine is firmly in my past now, but my need for fire never will be.  Read More

Mental Magdump

So, what’s going on with No Budget Outdoors?

Over the last year, I have had to not only ask myself a lot of hard questions about what we are doing here, but also face a lot of harder answers. The result, was a year of nearly nothing following last SHOT show. While it may seem to some that we had given up, this is not the case. We needed to find our place. We were grasping at anything and everything before. Trying to chase some up-to-the-minute news post one day, or trying to please some random marketing guy I didn’t even know. Read More