Mental Magdump

So, what’s going on with No Budget Outdoors?

Over the last year, I have had to not only ask myself a lot of hard questions about what we are doing here, but also face a lot of harder answers. The result, was a year of nearly nothing following last SHOT show. While it may seem to some that we had given up, this is not the case. We needed to find our place. We were grasping at anything and everything before. Trying to chase some up-to-the-minute news post one day, or trying to please some random marketing guy I didn’t even know.


The past year, I have spent learning all I can about not only our industry (Outdoor Media), but also about how modern media works. I looked at what we were doing wrong. I looked at that a lot. I have been very critical of my writing, and my photography. I have realized the common and constant mistakes I have been making. Most of all, I realized that our clients and readers both deserved better. And so, we went on a long semi-hiatus until I felt that we would be able to give you, our people in and out of the industry, the kind of content you deserve.


And my end of the industry is in a bit of turmoil. The most powerful search engine, and by extension, the most important content sharing platform, has decided that they hate us. Google is constantly trying to shut down anybody who has anything to do with firearms. We could try fighting it, but realistically, they are Google. They are a whale, NBO is krill by comparison. So rather than fighting or giving up, we are expanding.


We began by being a gun blog, and we changed that up a bit before. We are embracing a new ideal here at NBO. We are missing SHOT this year, and it pains me. A lot. I only mention it because SHOT is about a great deal more than guns. SHOT means “Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade” So we will spend the next year, and the future beyond, embracing that. And while that may seem like it is going to complicate things, it really is not. It simplifies things and makes so much more possible.


My father gave me the best advice possible years ago. He said it almost daily when I was growing up in California. It’s something that I hated at times back then, and did not heed nearly enough. But it has become my life’s goal now that I am in my 40’s. And it’s something I think everybody could benefit from. You don’t even have to make it your life’s goal to benefit from it. So I will share with you the four wisest words my father ever said to me.

“Go Outside and Play”




(All photographs in this post were taken by the author. If you intend to infringe upon my intellectual property, please let me know.)


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