Gerber Curve: When Your Pocketknife Needs a Multitool

One of the first knives my father ever bought me, was a Gerber. It was a neat pocketknife with blades you could swap out. It came with a saw and a gut hook that I never used. My wife still has a Gerber multi-tool that she has had for as long as I can remember. So while I was browsing online, I decided to take a peek at what was new-ish from Gerber, and in multi-tools. And I found this, the Gerber Curve

gerber curve 1

Now, when I was shopping, I paid no attention to little trifles such as… product dimensions. I figured it was pocketknife sized, full blade, some tools and a carabiner. I was wrong. See those pecans in the images? Nuts for scale, folks. This thing is tiny. But maybe that is to our advantage. It could be popped right onto a keychain with the carabiner/bottle opener. Or dropped into a pocket, where it sits gently with your other stuff. And it feels nice. With the blade out, it fits along the crook of my finger perfectly. I even used it to trace some patterns into wood for carving later.


The other tools are a couple of files, which are fine for fingernail clean up, if nothing else. Two tools that are a combination of flat head screwdriver and pry-tools. These worked well enough, and the pick and pry tests left those tools unharmed, and barely scratched. So the metal is not the best, but clearly up to the job. Speaking of, this thing is stainless on the important parts, and painted for color on the grip scales. Even the lock is stainless and works a little different than most. As you can see in the pictures, the idiot proof markings show where to pull to unlock it. The tools all lock in place when fully extended.



The bottle opener. It seems small and it is a little awkward at first, working a bottle opener with a biner built in. However, that is a brief awkwardness, as you learn quickly to just ignore the little spring wire. It popped open bottles and mason jars with ease.


Overall, I like the little guy. I was a bit disappointed at first, because I was expecting something larger because I don’t always read specs. But the quality of the Gerber Curve was there. And, from what I have read, the warranty service is there, should you have any issue. Now, all that being said, I do have one little issue with the Gerber Curve.

Gerber Curve 2

I can’t find it. It’s gone. I lost it. It is too small to just keep in my pocket alone. It needs to be clipped to something, or keyring-ed to something else. Like keys. Or maybe to another multi-tool or pocketknife. It’s dangerous out there folks, this little guy shouldn’t be going out there alone.

If you’d like one for yourself, or your EDC needs its own EDC, these little guys can be found at With the blue model running a very acceptable price right now.

Images of course were taken by and remain the property of the author. If you plan to steal my intellectual property, please let me know.

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