The Knife of the Wife: Kershaw Shuffle

You can try to pull strings on bags of dog food and horse feed, but most of us get annoyed with it and just grab something sharp, jam it in there and be done with it. I had kept an old Ozark Trail knife from Wal-Mart on the porch for just that use, until it broke. It literally fell apart. But it was a 5$ knife, fifteen years ago, so I’d say it had a good run.  I didn’t want to leave my pocketknife out there, and my wife didn’t have a pocketknife of her own, so lets just call it an excuse to buy her one. In purple.

Purple may have been one of the deciding factors here. It is her favorite color, and Kershaw selected a great shade of it. One of the other contenders was Kershaw’s Leek, the ever popular design by Ken Onion. The reason I went with the Shuffle was simple. Price. It has an MSRP of about twenty bucks, and I found it at an online shop for about fifteen. For a person who might drop it in a stable, (and may or may not like what I picked out for her) this seemed more reasonable than the Leek which runs 40$ and has a slick grip. Horse poo doesn’t give much traction.

Kershaw Shuffle Closed

Kershaw’s “K-Texture” glass-filled nylon grip scales, however, give amazing traction. While it may not be the most attractive, (I do thank Kershaw for alternating directions rather than just rows.) it is very effective. And Kershaw didn’t stop at just having grippy features on the colorful scales. Jimping on the spine of the grip as seen in the image below adds more surface area. And having a choil opposing the thumb stud, forward on the blade, ensures a tenacious grip on such a small knife.

Kershaw Shuffle Bottle Opener

Kershaw bills the shuffle as something of a multi-function knife. Not quite a multi-tool, but not just a blade. This end of the knife is what makes it true. The bottle opener works flawlessly on bottles or mason jars. The lanyard hole also functions as a flathead screwdriver, pry tool, scraper, nail puller or hoof pick. And the pocket clip, which I personally hate, is decidedly strong on this knife. And unlike many knives that claim to be ambidextrous, the Shuffle really is. The pocket clip can be moved from one side to the other, the holes are already there.

Kershaw Shuffle Blade

The blade is small, sharp, and wide, but not thick. It is easy to guide in one hand holding by the thumb studs, or with the blade in the crook of your finger. Opening dog food bags is effortless, just flick the knife open and drag your finger down the top of the bag. Unsurprisingly, the same motion works for horse feed, or bags of frozen dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. The blade is coated in an oxide, and finished in Kershaw’s Blackwash, which has proven durable in my use.

Kershaw Shuffle Open Rear

One drawback, and it really is a small thing, is the color. Now, I find it pleasant, and my wife loves it. What I did not think about, is my younger son. He saw it on the table and gravitated right to it. Purple doesn’t mean danger normally, and before I knew it he had it open. Now, he realized it was a knife, and that he wasn’t allowed to use sharp knives yet, so he went to close it and put it down. But he can’t quite work a stiff liner lick just yet. He ended up panicking and nicked his thumb. Naturally, this was on me and my wife, not on the boy or Kershaw. But it was a reminder to keep brightly colored knives out reach.

Amazon Currently offers the Kershaw Shuffle for 15$ or so in purple, teal, lime and black.

Images of course were taken by and remain the property of the author. If you plan to steal my intellectual property, please let me know.

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